7 Steps to Build Your Legacy: Step #5

5. Model your legacy.

Ever wonder why flight attendants give the instruction to “put the air mask on yourself BEFORE attempting to help others around you?”

It’s because years ago NASA conducted a study on what happens when the cabin loses air pressure and how to ensure the safety of the passengers.

If a parent attempted to put the mask on their child BEFORE putting the mask on themselves, the child would see the stress and concern on the face of their parent and resist the air mask.

If a parent put the mask on themselves first, and then attempted to assist their child, the child saw no stress in the face of the parent and simply modeled the behavior of their parent and got the needed oxygen.

What do your children see when they look at you?

  • Do they see the stress and strain of life?
  • Do they resist your assistance or council because they see you still in a stressed state?

Or, do they see you modeling appropriate behavior, and getting the necessary assistance needed in life.  Modeling what you expect teaches your children much more than any words could say.


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